Plovdiv: Granada of the East

When the Turkish traveller Evliya Çelebi passed through the Balkan city of Plovdiv in 1650, he pulled out all the organ stops of Ottoman panegyric to describe this ‘mighty city.’ He counted fifty-three mosques, seventy Qur’anic schools, nine madrasas, seven colleges for advanced Qur’anic recitation, eight public baths, and eleven Sufi lodges. Of the city’s neighbourhoods, thirty-three were Muslim, five were Christian, and one was Jewish.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:19Shkruan: Abdal Hakim Murad

Counseling & Psychotherapy from Islamic Perspective

A characteristic of he delusions of modern man is his belief that the degree of material and technological development is the index of human development. This tragic fallacy of man is however, becoming more and more conspicuous with the growing awareness of his mental voids and the consequent increase in the rate of personality disorders, mental breakdowns and the resulting social chaos and conflicts

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:16Shkruan: Manzurul Haq


In Answer to Shaykh Dr. Ali Jum’a, Mufti of Egypt

Most respected Dr. Ali Jum’a,

Fadilat-ash-shaykh, ustazial-aziz

Salam ‘alaykum wa ramatulLahi wa barakatuHu

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:15Shkruan: Tariq Ramadan

Ethics and morality in Islam

One of the most important aspects of a Muslim's life is for him to have a high standard of morals. Since the beginning of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) was mainly concerned with teaching and disciplining Muslims to have the best manners and the best personal characteristics. His personal life and behavior were reflective of his teachings, which were reveled to him by Allah (S.W.T.).

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:11Shkruan: Imam Mohamed Baianonie Islamic Center of Raleigh, NC

Forming an Islamic democracy

Before we explore the relationship between Islam and democracy, it is important to understand what exactly the idea of democracy entails because too often the notion of democracy is confused with Western culture and society. As such, analysts often dismiss the compatibility of Islam with democracy, arguing that Islam and secularism are opposite forces, that rule of God is not compatible with rule of man, and that Muslim culture lacks the liberal social attitudes necessary for free, democratic societies to exist.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:08Shkruan: Sohaib Sultan

Globalization's Challenge to Islam

NEW HAVEN: In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, the effect of globalisation on Islam has emerged as a hotly debated topic. With twenty percent of the world's population professing Islam as their religion, it is a matter of more than academic interest.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:03Shkruan: Riaz Hassan

Basic human rights

We have already seen that every man, whether he belongs to this country or that, whether he is a believer or unbeliever, whether he lives in a forest or in a desert, has certain basic human rights simply because he is a human being. We have seen, too, that it is the duty of every Muslim to recognize these rights. They are,

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Islamic Terror In Kosovo

February 14, 2007

An Albanian Muslim extremist from Kosovo was recently arrested after allegedly plotting to blow up the parliament building in Montenegro.

55-year-old Dodu L. was arrested by Austrian authorities last month while trying to board a flight in Vienna. 12 other ethnic Albanians were reportedly involved in the plot.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:00

The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam

The Nineteenth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Session of Peace, Interdependence and Development), held in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt, from 9-14 Muharram 1411H (31 July to 5 August 1990),

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Islamology The Basic Design for a School of Thought and Action


I present a geometrical figure of a school of thought and an ideology which every Islamologist and aware Muslim should have of Islam, not only as explanation of their religious belief but as a logo of a school of thought and ideology.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 21:58Shkruan: Dr. Ali Shariati

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