ALBANIANS AND ISLAM Between existence & extinction


Albanians are the biggest Muslim nation of Europe. Located at the western part of the Balkans they are believed to be descendents of the ancient Illyrians, which inhabited Europe some 2500 years ago. While in the ancient times they were pagans, with the advent of the Christian teachings of St. Paul among Romans, they converted in Christianity. However, Albanian’s Christian identity throughout the Middle Ages was not a peaceful and stable process.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:55Shkruan: From: Olsi Jazexhi

Muhammad Asad Visionary Islamic Scholar

Muhammad Asad, writer, adventurer, diplomat, Muslim thinker par excellence, translator of the Qur'an, and author of one of the most remarkable spiritual autobiographies ever, The Road to Mecca, isn't as well recognized, even among Muslims, as he ought to be. It's a pity. Three years after his death in Spain in 1992, Asad remains virtually unknown in the West and an enigma to the average Muslim.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:54Shkruan: Hasan Zillur Rahim

When the light of Islam almost vanished

In the thirteenth century a tidal wave of devastation swept over the Muslim world. City after city, region after region disintegrated amidst a storm of iron and fire. The death toll was incredible.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:53Shkruan: Jawad Jafry

Islamic Counselling & Psychotherapy Trends in Theory Development

Islamic counselling and psychotherapy is a discipline that is vaguely defined. Information that is available on this topic is often limited in quantity and perspective to form the theoretical basis necessary to constitute a model of intervention for Islamic Counselling. Indeed in discussions with social service practitioners this lack of a coherent Islamic counselling methodology is frequently expressed.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:52Shkruan: Somayya Abdullah

Europe and its Muslims: Building a Common Future 1/3 (Japan)

Thank you. Thank you once again for your invitation here; for giving us the opportunity to speak about the European reality, and to share views with you in Japan. I think it is really important, not only to come and import some visions about the problems, but also for us Europeans to look at what you are dealing with in Japan and Asia to try to find trends and solutions for our problems. So thank you for this invitation.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:51Shkruan: Tariq Ramadan

Europe and its Muslims: Building a Common Future (Japan) 2/3

Multiple Identities and Muslim Responsibilities

Moving into the main part of this lecture, I want to begin by highlighting some of the circumstances that require Muslims to be critical – self-critical – and to come with new answers. This is really essential. First, when you come to a continent, there are two things that you have to acknowledge as parts of the society you are living in.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:50

Europe and its Muslims: Building a Common Future (Japan) 3/3

Tackling Fear and Building Trust: Society’s Collective Responsibility

We will now turn to the second part of this speech, which concerns the responsibilities of European countries. What I have previously been talking about would be easier if this was the only part of the process, that is, if the problems only had to be tackled from the Muslim side of things. But in Europe today, we are facing problems.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:49Shkruan: Tariq Ramadan

Did Prophet Muhammad Write the Qur'an?*

(Part 1)

As this question has generated a great deal of literature, I shall confine my answer to the most pertinent points. This allegation is made by Orientalists, just as it was by their predecessors: Christian and Jewish writers who deeply resented the spread of Islam. The first people to make it were the Prophet's own opponents, as we read in the Qur'an:

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:47Shkruan: Fethullah Gulen** Turkish Muslim Intellectual

Article review: Rescuing Islam’s Universities

Ziauddin Sardar, a modern Muslim thinker, critical critic, broadcaster and author of more than forty books, discusses the idea of modern Islamic Universities in the Muslim World. This article is part of a compilation of articles written by Sardar, published last year under the title How do you know? Sardar, a Pakistani by origin, raised and educated in Britain, provides a significant model on how a modern Islamic University should operate, what should be its curriculum, objectives and vision, and finally what would be the product of such institution.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:38Shkruan: Ziauddin Sardar

Can the psychotherapy of Muslim patients be of real help to Them Without being Islamimized?

The impossible task of precisely defining psychotherapy

Though psychotherapy is as old as human existence, as a modern profession it has only evolved over the last 100 years. Because of the conflicting theories and paradigms behind the specific techniques used by different perspectives, psychotherapy cannot be precisely defined.

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E Enjte, 27 Gusht 2009, 22:24Shkruan: Malik B. Badri

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